Unlike other career services providers who offer packages of services at different levels, I work in terms of a process. Since teenagers are just starting out on their career planning journey, I felt this approach was more appropriate and apt to fit their needs. My goal with this process is not to solve all of your teenager’s career planning questions for good, but rather to start him or her on the path to clarifying options and exploring potential career paths. So what does this process entail?

Client Questionnaire: To begin, I will use a simple set of questions about your teenager to use as a starting point in the career coaching journey. These questions will help me to get to know your son or daughter and what he or she hopes to get out of the experience.

Client Self-Portrait: By asking your teenager a series of focused questions, I put together a document that helps them to recognize how they are changing and growing. The client self-portrait helps youth to figure out:

  • Who they are now
  • What skills they possess
  • What they know
  • What is important to them
  • In what direction they are headed

It provides a big picture view of the client at a given point in time, but can be adapted as the client changes and evolves. Another benefit of this tool is that it does not lock your teenager into any single job title, but instead helps them to see potential career paths and broader areas of interest. Other tools, such as interest inventories, intelligence tests, aptitude tests, and personality measures, though useful when used properly, can be too restrictive and focused on job titles, perhaps resulting in youth disregarding numerous suitable options.

Informational Interview and Debrief: One of the best ways to learn about the realities of different careers is to speak with people who work in those areas. Once the client self-portrait is complete, and your teenager has a clearer sense of a possible career direction, I will help them to locate someone in that career that they can interview about what they do. I will also provide them with coaching on how to prep for the interview, and a debrief once the interview is complete. We will discuss what was learned from the informational interview and what your teenager can do to keep learning about their options.

Discussion with Parents and Summary Report: At the end of the process, I will meet with both you and your son or daughter to discuss what was learned, and to provide you with some next steps moving forward. You will receive a written summary of this information as well for future reference.


Cost: This process is offered to you as a package in and of itself. Therefore, you do not pay on a session by session basis, but for the process as a whole. From start to finish, this process costs $1000.