Note: Services and pricing are currently being reevaluated.  Changes will be posted on this page when appropriate. Thank you for your patience. 

As opposed to other career coaches who often charge by the session, I offer my services as a package. This package consists of an assessment, and select follow-up activities tailored to each client’s needs. It includes a maximum of 8 sessions total.

The process is as follows:

  1. Client Questionnaire: To begin, I have your teenager answer a simple set of questions, which will help me to get to know them, and understand what they hope to get out of the career coaching experience.

2. Client Self-Portrait:  I ask your teenager a series of focused questions to create a document which helps provide them with a big picture view of who they are at a given point in time, but can be adapted as they change and evolve. The client self-portrait helps youth to figure out:

  • Who they are now
  • What skills they possess
  • What they know
  • What is important to them
  • In what direction they are headed

The information collected in this document can help your teenager start to craft a path toward further educational options and an eventual career.

3. Follow-Up Activities:  As each client self-portrait is unique, each client will require different follow up activities, depending upon what needs the portrait uncovers. Clients may be asked to conduct an informational interview, do online research, or do some job shadowing, among other potential follow up tasks. I will provide guidance and assistance as needed with these follow-up tasks.

4. Wrap-Up Discussion and Summary Report: At the end of the coaching process, I will hold a summary session with your teenager to discuss what was learned, and to provide him or her with some next steps moving forward. Your teenager will also receive a copy of the client self-portrait and a summary report for future reference.

Cost:  From start to finish, this process costs $650.00.